Economists Do It With Models

Warning: “graphic” content…

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What’s With the Name?

(Preface: Apologies to everyone who was expecting a kinky porn site rather than nerd humor.)

Obviously, “Economists Do It With Models” is exactly the sort of sketchy sounding thing that should be found on the interwebs, right??

I suppose the title of my blog would be more appropriate if my mother was an economist and my dad was a model (or vice versa, since I suppose it’s only fair to acknowledge that there are some male economists out there*), but no such luck. Instead, the inspiration came from an MIT Undergraduate Economic Association t-shirt that a friend showed me when I was in college. It stuck with me because this friend is of the “too cool for school” variety, and even he (perhaps grudgingly) saw the slogan as at least mildly amusing. I decided to use it as the title of my blog in order to reflect the hope that my audience will extend past the traditional academic and intellectual communities. I guess I also hope that the tongue-in-cheek (and perhaps even humorous) tone of the site convinces people that economics doesn’t have to be uncool.

Update, 02/01/2010: A friend of mine was wandering around MIT and found an updated version of the aforementioned shirt. Behold:

* It has been brought to my attention that the sarcasm in this statement is not obvious. For the record, the field of economics, at least at the graduate/academic level, is very overwhelmingly male. I’m doing my small part to try to reverse the trend.

As it turns out, the joke is not particularly novel. (Not that I ever really thought it was…) As such, I feel the need to pay homage to its etymology:

My personal favorite:

Though this one is a close second…

And this one is generally useful for marketing purposes…

Apprently you can even have a t-shirt made with said slogan. (Though mine is better. :)) In fact, I could have chosen a number of related slogans:

Economists do it cyclically.
Economists do it on demand.
Economists do it with models.
Economists do it with crystal balls.

I’ve even seen a t-shirt that said “Economists supply it when demanded”, which is just…wow. Anyway, thanks to this economics joke page for the above suggestions.