EDIWM Videos!

A few years ago, I started making videos to provide more review and support than I had time for in class. Since then, the videos have turned into a bit more of a standalone project, and I’ve also made a number of proprietary assets for textbook publishers and such. They’re still a bit of a work in progress, and they continue to expand in content and improve in production value as I learn about new technologies and capabilities.

The videos are hosted by YouTube, and you can access them directly via my YouTube channel. I’ve also organized them into a number of playlists for easier access:

Microeconomics 101 – material covered in a typical introductory microeconomics course
Macroeconomics 101 – material covered in a typical introductory macroeconomics course
Practice Problems – worked out practice problems from various texts for both microeconomics and macroeconomics
Advanced Topics – selected topics that go beyond the typical economics 101 curriculum
Behavioral Economics – videos directly from my undergraduate/graduate behavioral economics course
AEA Annual Meeting Humor Session – videos from the humor session that I had the honor of hosting!
Random Stuff – other economics-related things that I’ve put together over the years

Hope you enjoy!