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Test Prep With Econgirl!

About 10 years ago, I decided to put my standardized test skills to good use. (Technically, I suppose I used my skills to get into graduate school, but my point holds nonetheless.) Since then, I have worked both for a number of test prep organizations in the Boston area (Kaplan, etc.) and on my own as a private test prep tutor and application consultant. I am qualified to teach a variety of tests including the GMAT, LSAT, GRE and SAT. I specialize in working with students who have done some preparation, either own their own or via classroom programs, and are looking for additional support in order to reach their full potential. My core philosophy and principles are as follows:

  • There is more to teaching than mastering content. Many organizations offer tutors who have scored in the 99th percentile on their respective tests (and I too have this qualification- 800 GMAT, etc.), but this ability needs to be combined with specific insight into how students can learn to generate solutions on their own. In other words, it’s not enough to be able to explain how to do a problem, since to be truly effective an instructor must be able to address the “how would I know to do that?” type of questions.
  • Each student is different, and there is no one set of materials or approach that works for everyone. As an independent tutor, I have the flexibility to use the materials that will be the most effective for each student. In addition, I often combine resources from multiple publishers with my own materials and methods in order to create the best preparation package possible.
  • The benefit of private tutoring is that students can focus specifically on the problems and concepts that they find challenging. On the other hand, the “downside” of private tutoring is that, in order to use meeting time most efficiently, there is a significant responsibility on the students’ end to come to meetings prepared with questions and topics for discussion. In general, I don’t offer prepackaged subject matter reviews except under specific exceptional circumstances. (This is somewhat less true for SAT students.)
  • I focus on quality rather than quantity in terms of workload. I find that students often just go through the motions so that the can “check the box” on preparation rather than concentrating on introspection and how to learn from each aspect of practice. To this end, I give specific strategies for getting the most out of available study time.
  • I am very sensitive to the fact that many of my students have demanding full-time jobs, and I do my best to give all students the flexibility that they need. I am available days, nights and weekends if necessary, and I don’t have a a set cancellation policy and the like, since I can sympathize with the fact that work demands can lead to last-minute cancellations and other issues.

I completely understand that choosing a tutor is a big deal, so, rather than relying on a particular brand to match you with an anonymous tutor, I try to provide people with as much information as they could want up front. For example, if you are so inclined, you can see my CV here, and I provide references upon request. You can even see some example LSAT lessons here, and I am happy to answer whatever other questions you may have.

My office is located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, just steps from the Copley Square MBTA stop. In some circumstances, I can also offer tutoring services via phone or web conference. Because I feel that repetition and reinforcement is very important in the learning process, I offer session taping free of charge for those students who would like to have a lesson record to refer back to. As far as rates are concerned, my services don’t come cheap, but my low(ish) overhead make it so I can either match or beat the rates of many of the leading test prep providers. For example, here are some data points on private tutoring rates in Boston:

I offer both hourly rates and specific packages that give a discount off of the standard rate, so please contact me for details. I also offer an introductory meeting as a complimentary service to develop a game plan and make sure that I am a good match for your test prep needs. You can reach me by email at econgirl at economistsdoitwithmodels dot com or by phone at 617-395-8595. If you prefer, you can connect by clicking here:

(Be sure to enter a correct phone number, since the program is going to ring your phone to connect.)

I look forward to hearing from you!