Hello World!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following this site, you’ve noticed that it’s changed its look recently. So here’s the deal- I finally had enough trouble with my old hosting provider that it was worth my effort to navigate the wonderful world of setting up an Apache-server-enabled instance on AWS. (It’s not a trivial process, but the documentation got me through it without incident, in case you’re curious.) As such, I took the opportunity to embark on a redesign, especially since a number of external links were deprecated in the old version. (This is a nice way of saying that the site I used to write for went kaput.) It’s clearly still a work in progress, but it’s getting there- I don’t think I’m going to go back and restore all of the old blog posts, but over time I will re-post the things that I think are worth seeing again. I’ll also try to be better at blogging and not just ranting on Twitter, I promise. 🙂