Economists Do It With Models

Warning: “graphic” content…

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Thank You For Submitting!

Thank you for submitting! You can expect your sticker in a couple of weeks. If there are any problems with your submission, I will contact you by email. If you didn’t submit an email address and don’t get your sticker, please email me at econgirl at economistsdoitwithmodels dot com.

Some FAQ:

  • Please be patient for the arrival of your sticker. There is only one of me and I do a lot of things! I will give periodic updates when I have sent all available stickers, so if you see one of those and don’t get a sticker shortly thereafter, drop me a line at econgirl at economistsdoitwithmodels dot com. Also, if you have an international address, please send me an email showing exactly how the address should look, since I am not familiar with international mailing conventions.
  • Your postcard is in fact a sticker. There has been some confusion about this- the postcard side is the backing of the sticker. The sticker is a little annoying to peel off because the backing isn’t scored, but it’s possible, I promise!