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International Postcard Stickers

Hi international readers! I’m glad that you enjoy Economists Do It With Models, and I would love to send free stickers to all of my Facebook fans. Unfortunately, it’s much more expensive to send postcards internationally than it is to send postcards within the U.S., so I am offering stickers to international Facebook fans for USD $1.00. (The regular cost is USD $2.00 for a single sticker.) This serves to help offset the cost of shipping, and in return I will send you a vinyl waterproof sticker rather than a paper one. I will also send it in an envelope rather than as a postcard so that it doesn’t get damaged or marked in transit.

If you are interested in a single sticker, make sure that you have subscribed to my Facebook page (or send an email to econgirl at economistsdoitwithmodels dot com if you don’t have Facebook) and click the “Buy Now” button below. If you would like to order multiple stickers, please go to this page.

I look forward to sending you a sticker!