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Econgirl, aka Jodi Beggs, is an independent economist and founder of Economists Do It With Models, LLC. Her CV can be found here, and her LinkedIn page is here. Jodi is available for speaking engagements, freelance writing, data analysis/consulting, and tutoring.

Speaking and Writing:

Jodi writes and gives presentations on a number of economic topics. Her areas of focus are behavioral economics, incentives, education and economic principles, but she has been known to cover a variety of related subjects. Depending on the context, Jodi’s work ranges from academic in tone to more of a stand-up comedy nature, with various points in between. Jodi likes to communicate with economists and non-economists alike, and looks forward to opportunities to introduce economics to a wider audience.

Jodi gives talks in both academic and corporate settings, and she puts a focus on tailoring her content to the needs and interests of her audiences. Recent topics include “Incentives Work…Except When They Don’t,” “The Economics of The Simpsons,” and “Data Analysis and Program Evaluation.” (I told you there was a variety of topics!) Jodi strives to provide a comprehensive learning environment and includes online follow-up, slides, videos, etc. where appropriate. You can see an example of a talk on incentives and program evaluation (and the follow up) here.

Data Analysis and Consulting:

Jodi is a former McKinsey consultant and has also worked for various firms as an economic consultant. (In case you are not familiar, economic consulting firms perform analysis and write expert testimony for lawsuits involving antitrust, intellectual property and other economic-related issues.) Her main strength is in data analysis using tools like Excel, Access, Stata, and Matlab, and her current freelance work is with a company that designs customized surveys to determine the effectiveness of joint ventures and other forms of collaboration. Jodi is happy to work either remotely or on-site when logistically practical.


Jodi is a former Kaplan classroom instructor, and she has worked with various companies to offer one-on-one tutoring for the GMAT, LSAT, and (to a lesser degree) GRE/SAT. Her specialty is working with high-performing students who want to achieve top scores in order to get into top-notch graduate school programs, and you can see more about her teaching philosophy and services here. Jodi has almost 10 years of experience and many satisfied clients (references provided upon request). Right now she can only offer in-person services in the Greater Boston area, but you can find some virtual lessons for the LSAT here.

Please direct all employment inquiries to econgirl at economistsdoitwithmodels dot com or to 617-395-8595. If you prefer, you can connect by clicking here:

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