About the Site

About The Site


More coming soon! For now…

Hi! My name is Jodi Beggs, and I’m an economist. (Yes, you’re supposed to read that in your AA voice.) Officially, I concentrated in behavioral economics and incentives in school, and I also dabble in various forms of data science. Unofficially, I specialize in bad puns in both written and visual form:

(I know the pictures don’t work I’m working on it…)

Like many economists, I give lectures and talks on various topics. Unlike most economists, sometimes the talks involve whiskey.

This site is a way for me to keep track of things that I’ve worked on and hopefully a way for you to navigate and enjoy them, since I’m always looking for new opportunities to be able to teach people:

…especially people who might not think economics applies directly to them but are willing to learn:

In my free time, I participate in the most sartorially ridiculous sport possible.

Looking for something on the old site that you just can’t live without? It’s a little wonky from a tech standpoint, but it’s here.

Now that you’ve read this far…if you have any questions or comments that you want to send, please visit the EDIWM contact page.