Ask And You Shall Receive, Economic Superhero Edition…

I obviously know that correlation doesn’t imply causation, but sometimes I see a sequence of events and I’m like COME ON…case in point:

And lo and behold, less than 12 hours later (focus your attention on the hovertext)…

See what I’m saying?????? Hey world, I, uh, want a pony next. Here’s the full comic:

Not surprisingly, I have some thoughts here (because ruining jokes is one of my favorite hobbies). First, this comic presupposes that higher compensation will result in our economic superhero working more…but one thing that I’ve noticed about superheroes, specifically those who technically have no superpowers (looking at you, Batman and Iron Man), is that they’re really rich. If our econ superhero follows this pattern (sidenote: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), I’m not convinced she’d be particularly motivated by monetary compensation- even worse, she could be on the backward bending part of the labor supply curve, in which case higher compensation could result in her doing less superheroing rather than more!

Second, I kind of want to applaud our super-economist for only charging a 50 percent commission, thereby leaving the lady with a decent amount of consumer surplus. Third, well…wouldn’t Captain Surge create competition in the superhero market and thus lower rather than raise prices? Shouldn’t Captain Surge be going to places where there’s s superhero shortage, not just show up to places that already have superheros and create a superhero glut? I guess what I’m saying is, like my feelings regarding much other surge pricing implementation, I am largely unimpressed by Captain Surge (but do find him pretty realistic).

I guess it’s also a good time to remind you that this exists:

You’re welcome.

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