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On Markets And Mortals, A Tale Of Counterintuitive Market Outcomes…

November 4th, 2015 · 1 Comment
Behavioral Econ · Videos

I spoke at this event last week, and, for the record, I did not say that Gabe Kapler was sexy and smart…damn you Mr. Mind Reading Emcee. Also, the Spock cutout seemed like a good idea until I realized I had to keep stuffing him in an Uber the rest of the day:

I suppose this explains why Homer and Spock give very different ratings to Uber drivers. Anyway, I try to put together something new and (hopefully) interesting for each one of these, since I feel like it’s not really enough to basically give a book report on social science research without some sort of central thesis. (Or maybe I’m just still butthurt over one of my talk drafts a while back being referred to a a Dan Kahneman book report.) This one is about how it’s important to keep in mind that irrational “mistakes” don’t always lead to market inefficiency, and sometimes even the opposite can be true. Here’s the talk…

…and some notes/sources:

Tags: Behavioral Econ · Videos

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