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Does A Teachable Moment Count As A Trick Or A Treat???

October 31st, 2015 · 1 Comment
Behavioral Econ · The Simpsons

I am definitely not watching the Treehouse of Horror marathon on FXX and waiting for a great reference to the overchoice problem:

Treehouse of Horror and Overchoice

In case you were looking for reading material, you can see one of the main source papers for overchoice here, or read about it in my chapter in Homer Economicus. On a related note, kids are probably lucky that I was too busy to think of a Halloween experiment this year, since it would probably have involved psychologically torturing little kids by giving them 100 kinds of candy to choose from (or, alternatively, making them really happy in the event that they havn’t yet become utility maximizers who succumb to the paradox of choice).

I am also definitely not thinking about the importance of diminishing returns in Halloween costume complexity:

It’s a costume. It counts. Deal with it.

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