Economists Do It With Models

Warning: “graphic” content…

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Some Weekend Mocking Of Economist Stereotypes For Your Viewing Pleasure…

April 10th, 2015 · No Comments
Just For Fun

The release of the latest FOMC minutes reminds me that this needs to exist:

I suppose for now some text commentary will have to do. In case you haven’t noticed, Dilbert has been pretty on point as of late:

Pretty sure the Fed doesn’t have bitcoin on its balance sheet, but the statement is closer to reasonable than you might expect. Also, in one interpretation of the words, the dollar *does* float with LIBOR, since LIBOR moves with U.S. short-term interest rates and interest rates affect exchange rates. (Yep, I can ruin ANY joke, muahahahaha) In related news, I have got to use this principle more strategically.

Ok fine, I can’t make a sensical argument for that one, but what I *can* say is that if you decide that someone must be smart because you can’t understand them, you are at least part of the problem. Wally’s just responding to incentives.

Maybe Wally would actually be a good economist, since he seems to understand that there is value in scarcity. (Then again, so does the Kardashian family.) Pointy-haired boss is definitely part of the problem, but it’s worth pointing out that you can’t conclude that something doesn’t make sense just because you don’t understand it.

I wish my students were like this. =P

I’m convinced that this actually happens, though not for this reason.

I’m pretty sure that there are a decent number of people who think this is why Nouriel Roubini is a thing.

Good thing the Nobel Prize comes with cash. =P Overall, I am torn in my opinion as to whether economists care more or less about money than non-economists.


Or, in case you prefer your mocking of stereotypes in video form, there’s this:

Suggestions welcome for how to do better than this. 🙂

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