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Econ 101 of the Day, 10/11/2013

October 11th, 2013 · 1 Comment
Econ 101 of the Day

It’s Friday, so, as promised, here is a practice problem that corresponds to the week’s articles. If you want to follow along and quiz yourself, I recommend that you pause the videos after I explain each question to think about the answer and then resume the videos to see if you were right!

Monday through Thursday, I will post an Econ 101 article (or two) for you to peruse. On Fridays, I will post some practice problems that relate back to the week’s material so that you can play with them over the weekend. If you get behind, you can see all of the articles one at a time via the Econ 101 of the Day category archive, or you can look at the overall list of articles here or directly on You can also check out the Economics Classroom page for lots of useful stuff.

Stay tuned for more on Monday!

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