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Introducing Econ 101 of the Day!

September 16th, 2013 · No Comments
Econ 101 of the Day

Since people seem to be liking the Practice Problem of the Day series, and since I am clearly a glutton for punishment, I figured I would also do an “Econ 101 of the Day” series for those of you who are looking to brush up on your basic economics.

So this is how it’s going to work: Monday through Thursday, I will post an Econ 101 article (or two) for you to peruse. On Fridays, I will post some practice problems that relate back to the week’s material so that you can play with them over the weekend. Sound good? I’ll go in an order that I think makes sense (read, mostly like a typical Econ 101 order with some particular exceptions), and I will start with microeconomics and then do macroeconomics if I don’t keel over first. (I expect that microeconomics will take us a bit past the end of fall semester, but you can always read ahead to some degree via the links below.)

If you get behind, you will be able to see all of the articles one at a time via the Econ 101 of the Day category archive, or you could look at the overall list of articles here or directly on You can also check out the Economics Classroom page for lots of useful stuff.

Ready? We’re gonna start pretty basic here, so I’m giving you one concept that you are likely already familiar with and a story that might be new to you:

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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