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Just For Fun: Eight Crazy Nights…Of Economics?

December 1st, 2010 · 6 Comments
Econ 101 · Just For Fun

In case you weren’t already aware, tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. As such, I can’t resist putting up the following to test both your knowledge of economics and your familiarity with Jewish holidays:

(HT to The Blog of Diminishing Returns) For the record, I just tried to explain the joke to a non-economist friend and it didn’t go over very well, but I can’t stop laughing for some reason. Oh, and there’s also a song a la Adam Sandler:

Put on your yarmulke
Here comes Chanukah
Lots of Economica
Celebrates Chanukah
Chanukah is the festival of lights
Avoid diminishing returns with eight crazy nights

When you feel like the only kid in town without Christmas utility
Here’s a list of economists who are jewish just like you and me
Paul Samuelson lights the menorah in the evenin’
So do Solow, Stiglitz and the late Milton Friedman

Guess who eats together at the Fed reserve deli
Alan Greenspan and Chairman Ben Bernanke
Akerlof’s part jewish, Herb Simon’s part too
Bundle them together, what a fine econ jew

You don’t need jingle bell or a yule log
cause you can spin a dreidel at the Becker/ Posner blog- both jewish

Put on your yarmulke
It’s time for Chanukah
the author of Freakonomikah
Celebrates Chanukah

Robert Mugabe, not a jew! Or an economist!
But guess who is? Nobel prize winners Ken Arrow and Simon Kuznets too
We got Herb Stein and his son’s Ben’s money
David Ricardo was born jewish- but went Quaker for his honey

Some people know that Paul Krugman is
He hasn’t won a Nobel prize
but three others did — This YEAR!
So many jews are econ wiz kids
Greg Mankiw isn’t, but I heard his book agent is

So study your Economica
It’s time to celebrate chanukah
I hope I get published in Econometrikah
Oh this lovely, lovely chanukah

So find your equilibriah
And check your heteroskedisticas
If you really, really wannakah
Have a happy, happy, happy, happy chanukah
Happy chanukah!

This is the part where I would make a joke about Jews running the economics world, except we saw how well that worked out for Rick Sanchez. On the other hand, perhaps that’s one way to get Jon Stewart’s attention…

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  • 1 John F. Opie // Dec 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Oy vey. For this you go to Harvard?

  • 2 Seth Gitter // Dec 1, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks for the Hanukkah link!
    I should note I wrote the song in 2007 before Krugman had won his Nobel prize. I also never heard Greg Mankiw’s agent is jewish, but it sounded good, if you see him can you ask him.

  • 3 Eugene Zilman // Dec 6, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    Heh, you want to go on Stewart’s show so bad, don’t you? I picked up on that from following the blog, I’m very observent like that.

  • 4 Eugene Zilman // Dec 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Spelling on the other hand… not my strong suite. (observant, D’oh!)

  • 5 econgirl // Dec 6, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Haha…probably less so than the recurring theme would imply, but more than zero I suppose. I exaggerate for (attempted) humor value.

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