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Videos: Taxes On Consumers…

September 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment
Econ 101 · Videos

I’m trying to keep to a schedule here, people…and I guess I’m sort of succeeding. Anyway, here’s the next installment in your tax series- this time I put a tax on consumers and see what happens. I promise that it’s only a little disappointing to me that after all that work I get the same answer as I did when I put the tax on producers. :-/

The first video gives the intuition regarding how to shift curves in the supply and demand diagram as a result of the tax and provides a graphical solution to the tax problem:

The second video goes through the algebra of shifting the demand curve:

The third video shows how to solve for equilibrium algebraically and matches all of the relevant quantities to the graphical solution.

See here for the Micro 101 videos page, or here for econgirl’s YouTube channel.

Tags: Econ 101 · Videos

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