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Economic Humor, Courtesy Of Maxine…

February 5th, 2010 · 2 Comments
Just For Fun

Dear Readers: I love that you have figured out for the most part what I like, and it makes me happy to get emails from you with content suggestions. (Sidenote: I’m working one a post about the Keynes vs. Hayek rap, mkayyyy?) I think I’ve seen the Maxine comics before, since she looks familiar, but I had no idea she had so much economic wisdom to share:

(Apparently the grocery shrink-ray is a well-documented phenomenon. Not surprising, since consumer behavior studies show that people are more sensitive to increases in price than to decreases in quantity.)

(Technically it’s not the share price in itself that matters, since it’s the market cap, which is the share price times the number of shares, that gives the overall value of a company. In that sense, the real car companies are safe, since Mattel has a market cap of $7.27 billion and GM has a market cap of…oh wait, it’s owned by the government and only the liquidation shares are market traded. Hm, maybe Maxine is onto something here…)

Happy weekend everyone!

(HT to Don Gooding)

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