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Follow Up: Kidney Links Roundup, Courtesy Of My RA…

July 29th, 2009 · 1 Comment
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(econgirl’s note: Jarret, my RA, would classify himself as a musician rather than a researcher, and also as a historian rather than an economist. That said, the articles that he sends me- often unsolicited- are always on point, interesting, or most often both. The same can be said for his commentary. He just needs to figure out how to be a model so I can do it with…er, so he can be my coauthor. 🙂 That said, I will at the very least start giving credit where credit is due and be more explicit about which of my sources came from his direction. So, for starters, this is one of the things he sent me this morning.)

“kidney links roundup” sounds like a dish at a bbq place. When you posted a couple days ago about a hypothetical kidney-organ market, I could swear a read about this organ buying ring previously but forgot where specifically. There seemed to be a lot of activity on EDIWM regarding this post so I threw together various articles/blog entries I skimmed on the topic.

Big article in the Atlantic:
(econgirl’s note: This is the arcticle that had inspired one of the previous posts.)

Medium sized article in Slate, bringing up medical-ethics questions for Jews. Also goes into questions of religious/moral incentives, which may be of interest to you: “Interestingly, the Torah itself rarely, if ever, connects a specific commandment to a specific reward; the logic being, if you knew the “value” of each commandment, it would be easy to pick and choose which ones to obey. Only twice in the entire Old Testament are rewards mentioned…”
(econgirl’s note: Hm, the Torah seems to do a decent job of teaching incentives…perhaps this is why there are so many Jewish economists? 🙂 )

Andrew Sullivan links to Volokh Conspiracy, position: poor are not exploited in free organ market

Sullivan & Daily Dish have at least 4 other posts relating to kidney stuff since early July.

Daniel Akst in the Atlantic, position: “These transactions should not just be legal for the rich but subsidized for the poor”

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  • 1 Jonatan Krovitsky // Jul 31, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Unfortunatly, my inpriration for economics was Ayn Rand and not Torah. Anyway here is a system in which, giving no specific reward makes the utility function srtongly monotonous:
    ” Rabbi Judah the Prince said: … Be as scrupulous about a light precept as of a weighty one, for you do not know the reward allotted for each precept. Balance the loss incurred by the fulfillment of a precept against the gain and the accruing from a transgression against the loss it involves.” (Ethics of the Fathers 220 AD)

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